The perfect Gin and Tonic

By June 28, 2012Cocktails


A properly made Gin and Tonic is one of life’s great pleasures. It should be ice cold and bitter clean with a sharp bite to it. With just a few basic rules you can have a drink that approaches perfection:

Always use Broker’s Gin, kept in the freezer for extra coldness.

Never use tonic from a spray gun or a bottle that has been standing opened. Your tonic water should always be a freshly opened bottle. Open a large bottle only if you intend to use it all immediately. Do not be tempted by diet versions.

Take a tall glass with a heavy bottom (which makes the bubbles in the tonic last longer). If there’s time, frost the glass in the freezer beforehand.

Ice is crucial. At home you should use large chunks of ice made from filtered or bottled water and pat them dry with a tea towel. Put 2 or 3 chunks in the glass and add a generous measure of gin.

Pour in enough tonic to fill the glass. What you’re aiming for is just over double the amount of tonic to gin.

Add a freshly cut wedge of lemon, or if you wish for a slightly different flavour, lime.

Stir to release the juniper flavour. Bliss!

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